We represent and counsel clients in all types of probate proceedings, including contested probate and the temporary administration of an estate. Allowing a probate attorney to assist you can be a cost-effective way to deal with a complex legal process. Under certain circumstances, it may not be necessary to do a full probate. Our attorneys can explain the process, your role in it, and how we can help you successfully navigate the paperwork and procedures, including Medicaid reimbursements where applicable. We can also assist you with estate planning matters. By taking into consideration wills, taxes, real estate holdings, insurance and trusts, we can help you gain the maximum benefit allowable by law.

Our firm assists with the probate of the decedent's estate, from collecting and re-titling assets to paying debts and disbursing inheritance to heirs. Once the probate is closed, the firm can address any further real estate title and deed issues as necessary. We prepare your Will in Spanish/English dual column format and arrange for execution before a Notary in Puerto Rico. We can ensure that your Spanish Will dovetails with your English Will and register the former at the Wills Registry in Puerto Rico.
Our team is available to address all family law matters, including divorce, adoption, change of name, child custody and visitation, spousal support, child support and property division. We also help clients seek modifications and enforcements of child and spousal support provisions.

We counsel clients about matters such as prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, as well as adoption and termination of custody cases and guardianship and probate matters. We can also help you deal with child protective services.
Proceedings, including seeking or disputing appointment of a guardian and assisting with administration.
Buying, Selling and Leasing property in Puerto Rico.

We act for clients purchasing plots of land, farms, estates, villas and apartments in Puerto Rico without you having to waste time and money travelling to the Island.  We shall advise, explain and ensure: 
• You have a full report in English.
• That title is registered in the vendor’s name free of any mortgages, charges or encumbrances.
•That the property is purchased free of any liability a non-resident vendor may have for Puerto Rico gains tax by deducting the statutory withholding tax and paying this over to the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Agency (Hacienda).
• On the taxes and expenses payable in addition to the purchase price.
• You on the potential liability to Puerto Rico gains and inheritance tax in the event of
 sale or death.
• The effect of Puerto Rico forced heirship rules and advice on how to tailor your purchase to meet them.
• Completion of the purchase takes place before the Notary Public in Puerto Rico and register your title at the Public Land Registry as well with CRIM.
• Prepare Spanish Wills which come together with your English Wills.

We also deal with: 
Leases: water rights leasing; commercial leases; lease-related litigation ; 
Mechanics lien claims 
Real estate litigation 
Partition suits 
Easement issues 
Fencing disputes 
Environmental claims: air quality claims and others 
Real estate documentation 
Agricultural real estate transactions 
Landlord/tenant disputes: evictions and other disputes

Our substantial experience and knowledge of real estate law enables you to move toward your goals with confidence.